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Auracast Vision Catches Mainstream Wind at CES 2024 - Bluetooth LE Audio Highlights

At CES 2024 in Las Vegas earlier this month, LE Audio-enabled products were showcased in Bluetooth SIG's Auracast Experience -- their immersive experience featuring Le-Audio-enabled market-ready products. From hearing aids, listening accessories, TV streamers to the very first Auracast Broadcaster -- the audio arena is no longer a concept of the future but a new world we could... hear.

Sample of The Auracast Experience during Bluetooth SIG's APAC tour. Video courtesy of Bluetooth SIG

Sitting in my hotel room late Thursday night of CES after personally walking "a day in the life of Auracast", my inbox started to ping. The press had arrived. Stories were beginning to land. Bluetooth Auracast was no longer a new illusive network topology exclusively for the hard of hearing or a niche sense of wireless capability reserved for die-hard classics, but a tangible vision for global hearing accessibility and functionality that will change the way we approach listening experiences. (See list of articles below that have been released since CES covering Auracast).

Packetcraft was particularly excited for the brand new Auracast Broadcaster released by Ampetronic and Listens Technologies in Bluetooth's CES 2024 immersive booth. As the enabling software stack in said device, we were thrilled to be part of a 'world's-first' kind of innovation--a device that would offer Auracast in public locations. The experience of the Auracast Broadcaster clarified the use case and underlined the market potential for a variety of applications.

Auracast™ broadcast audio will enable all types of public locations – from large venues such as airports and conference centers to smaller establishments such as gymnasiums, cinemas, and houses of worship – to deliver audio experiences that will enhance visitor satisfaction and increase accessibility. ~ Bluetooth Sig

The vision to turn public locations into an "Auracast-enabled" environment that prioritizes inclusive listening is a thing of beauty both sociologically and technologically. The audio revolution of the 21st century will be punctuated by seamless, limitless device sharing. With lower latency, lower power, better quality and increased shareability--the future of sound is as socially-inclusive as it is customizable. Being part of a technology that enables environments to be exactly what the listener needs to best engage and participate in society is a revolutionary step in accessibility without compromising quality or the ease of adoption. Retrofitting a public space no longer has to be a massive construction project. With a better understanding of the ease of use and implementation of Bluetooth Auracast, the demand for Bluetooth product innovation is here. Packetcraft is proud to be part of this "third wave of innovation". Along with Ampetronic and Listen Technologies' Auracast Broadcaster, we were please to find that nearly 20% of the LE Audio enabled featured products on the Bluetooth Sig floor were enabled by Packetcraft's leading-edge software. The proof is in the pudding -- or rather, the products that have edged their way to the front of the pack and carrying the torch of innovation. We stand by our claim to provide leading-edge, world-class solutions to help products get to market faster ahead of the curve. Frankly, we're only getting started.

Check out what the press had to say about Bluetooth's Auracast Experience at CES 2024 :

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For more info on Auracast in public locations and other LE Audio features and capabilities, check out Bluetooth SIG's rich resource of technical specifications and architecture here.







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