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Bluetooth 5.4 Qualified Software - Licensees Now Commercially Shipping

It's official! Packetcraft's Bluetooth 5.4 Qualified host and controller software is commercially shipping to semiconductor, product, and test equipment licensees. As the first independent software solution that includes the host protocol stack and link layer, we offer support for all low energy features of the specification including Periodic Advertising with Responses (PAwR) and Encrypted Advertising Data (EAD).

Go HERE to get a breakdown of the 5.4 spec released back in February and HERE to watch our explainer video that maps out several different use cases and applications of the spec including Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL).

Electronic Shelf Labels

PAwR is enabling high-volume applications including Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) for the retail market whereby thousands of connected end nodes are synchronized with infrastructure. ESL is growing at a 20.8% CAGR and expected to reach USD 2.9B in 2028 and continue growing to USD 5.2B by 2032. Bluetooth LE now has a power, size, and cost optimized globally standardized solution ideal to support ESL in delivering operational efficiencies in pricing updates, fulfillment, restocking, and inventory management.


Packetcraft’s CEO, John Yi, has described several other use cases that we may see in the future, including:

Automotive: Efficient and reliable cable replacement, particularly for EV Battery Management Systems (BMS), monitoring 10-15 battery cells per vehicle

Warehouse Logistics: Monitoring of assets and improved inventory management

Agriculture: Battery operated sensor networks monitoring environmental conditions such as moisture sensors, with sensors up to a kilometer away from a gateway

Smart Home: Devices and sensors in the home can share data and notifications even in mixed vendor environments

For a full list of features enabled by Packetcraft’s Bluetooth 5.4 Qualified host and controller software, please consult Packetcraft’s host and controller product briefs.

Bluetooth's Revolution

Bluetooth 5.4 follows the successful early market debut of consumer and hearing accessibility products featuring LE Audio and Auracast™ broadcast audio. If you missed our recent op-ed article covering "Bluetooth; the 3rd Wave of Innovation", more breakdown is provided in the advances happening currently and on the near horizon. Specifically, Packetcraft is looking forward to supporting the next Bluetooth specification release which anticipates Channel Sounding capability and promises distance ranging accuracy down to 10cm.

For more information about PAwR and to discuss your intended use case, or to more generally inquire about our leading-edge Bluetooth host, controller, and LC3 stacks and software solutions as well as our software test products, please contact Packetcraft at info@packetcraft.com or skip the steps and book a meeting directly.


About Packetcraft

Packetcraft delivers production-ready “baseband to application” embedded software, including full source code, to meet the constant evolution of short-range wireless technologies including Bluetooth® LE and UWB. Packetcraft solutions enable semiconductor and product companies to achieve greater product differentiation with more features and customization. Headquartered in San Diego and comprised of renowned technology architects and engineers who have been keeping pace with the evolution of Bluetooth for decades, Packetcraft is a supplier and partner to some of the biggest names in wireless with a comprehensive portfolio that implements the latest specs, is extensively tested, and is Bluetooth qualified to ensure fast time-to-market and reduced risk. For more information, visit www.packetcraft.com

Packetcraft is a registered mark of Packetcraft, Inc. Bluetooth is a registered mark and Auracast is a trademark of the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. All rights reserved.


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