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Packetcraft announces new advanced Audio Evaluation Kit for Bluetooth LE Audio

SAN DIEGO, March 28, 2022 – World-leading wireless software licensor Packetcraft, Inc. today announces the immediate availability of its new advanced LE Audio evaluation kit for the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 Bluetooth Low Energy SoC. The kit allows engineers to quickly and easily evaluate Bluetooth LE Audio applications on one of the world’s most popular Bluetooth LE chips.

The new LE Audio evaluation kit consists of three nRF52840 development boards, three custom audio interface boards, and Packetcraft’s comprehensive software solution for LE Audio. The kit uses Packetcraft’s LC3 codec for high-quality low-latency audio. Applications run on Packetcraft’s full-featured Bluetooth LE protocol stack software, which supports both broadcast and unicast isochronous channels. The kit comes with sample applications that demonstrate real-world LE Audio use cases:

  • Broadcast stereo streaming audio

  • Unicast stereo streaming audio

  • Unicast wireless microphone

  • Bidirectional audio intercom

“Packetcraft is the only software provider in the world enabling single-chip LE Audio applications on Nordic Semiconductor nRF52 series SoCs,” says John Yi, CEO of Packetcraft. “This new platform gives designers even more flexibility to develop LE Audio products with Packetcraft software, using the supported Bluetooth chip of their choice.”

Packetcraft’s audio evaluation kit for nRF52840 is available for purchase now from packetcraft.com/shop. Also available for purchase are audio evaluation kits for the Nordic Semiconductor nRF5340 and the Laird Connectivity BL5340.

Packetcraft differentiates itself as a single-source Bluetooth software supplier, enabling companies to make compatible and interoperable LE Audio products such as hearing aids, wireless microphones, and broadcast headsets. Packetcraft’s comprehensive software solution for LE Audio, available today, consists of:

  • Packetcraft Controller, our Bluetooth 5.3 link layer with isochronous channels.

  • Packetcraft Host, our Bluetooth 5.3 host stack with profiles for LE Audio.

  • Packetcraft LC3, our Bluetooth LC3 codec for LE Audio.

About Packetcraft

At Packetcraft we are applying our decades of Bluetooth and embedded protocol expertise to enable our customers with world-leading wireless software. As a leader in short-range wireless technologies, we deliver software and services that are leading-edge, commercially-proven, and qualified.

Media contact:

Jason Hillyard press@packetcraft.com, +1 858-769-1201


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