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Packetcraft Announces Public Open Source Release of its Bluetooth 5.2 Stacks

Packetcraft is excited to announce the open source release of its Bluetooth 5.2 protocol stacks: Packetcraft Host and Packetcraft Controller. These products are the world’s first qualified host stack and link layer implementing new Bluetooth 5.2 features like LE Isochronous Channels, Enhanced Attribute Protocol, and LE Power Control. Now publicly available in source code form, Packetcraft Host and Packetcraft Controller provide developers with important Bluetooth 5.2 building blocks for the next generation of Bluetooth audio, known as LE Audio.

The release includes sample applications for BLE development boards from Nordic Semiconductor so developers can get started quickly with the software, learn about the technology, and begin experimenting. You can access the public open source repository here.

Packetcraft offers technical support and maintenance services to companies that want to commercialize our open source release in their product or SDK. In addition, Packetcraft’s full solution for LE Audio is available to our Early Access commercial licensees. Early Access customers get software implementing the latest leading-edge Bluetooth technology features via access to private subscriber-only repositories. For more information on our commercial products and services contact us.


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