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Packetcraft Announces World’s First Qualified Bluetooth Software Stack for LE Audio

SAN DIEGO, March 10, 2020 – Packetcraft, Inc. today announced its host stack and link layer software have achie ved Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) qualification to Bluetooth® Core Specification version 5.2. This is the world’s first qualification of a host stack and link layer implementing new features used by LE Audio: LE Isochronous Channels, Enhanced Attribute Protocol, and LE Power Control.

LE Audio is the next generation of lower power, higher quality Bluetooth audio that operates on the Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) radio. It enables advanced products like Bluetooth LE hearing aids and wireless earbuds, and also enables new use cases like Audio Sharing via broadcast. LE Audio is made possible by new features introduced in Bluetooth Core Specification version 5.2, which was published earlier this year by the Bluetooth SIG.

Packetcraft’s Bluetooth Core Specification version 5.2 qualified host stack and link layer supporting LE Audio are available today to its enterprise customers. Packetcraft expects to release an open source version of this software later this year. Packetcraft also plans to continue developing and releasing software supporting the new Bluetooth specifications defining LE Audio, which are expected to be released throughout the year.

Since its founding in April 2019 Packetcraft has provided its leading Bluetooth LE software solution to multiple semiconductor companies and product companies. Now Packetcraft is enabling semiconductor companies to add Bluetooth Core Specification version 5.2 software features to their chips and also enabling product companies to start LE Audio proof-of-concept projects and early product development.

“We are excited to be the world’s first company to achieve Bluetooth Core Specification version 5.2 qualification for our stack and link layer supporting sophisticated new features like LE Isochronous Channels” said John Yi, founder and CEO of Packetcraft. “Packetcraft is proud to be delivering on its promise to provide leading-edge, qualified Bluetooth software to its customers.”

“The availability of stack solutions qualified against Bluetooth Core Specification version 5.2 is an important milestone in the development of the LE Audio ecosystem,” said Mark Powell, CEO of the Bluetooth SIG. “Not only will LE Audio enhance the performance of existing Bluetooth audio products, it introduces new use cases that will transform the way we experience audio and connect to the world around us.”

Packetcraft’s Bluetooth LE software solution consists of the following protocol stacks:

Multi-protocol controller with Bluetooth Core Specification version 5.2 link layer and IEEE 802.15.4 MAC.

Bluetooth Core Specification version 5.2 host stack and GATT profiles.

Bluetooth mesh profile and models.

Packetcraft has released a version of its software, available via www.packetcraft.com, under an open source license. In addition, Packetcraft is offering commercial services to enterprise customers: Packetcraft’s Technical Support and Maintenance service provides companies with the support they need to bring products to market based on Packetcraft’s software, and Packetcraft’s Early Access service provides companies with software implementing the latest leading-edge Bluetooth technology features via access to private subscriber-only repositories.

About Packetcraft

Founded in April 2019, Packetcraft’s mission is to create faster, better, and easier embedded stacks for all. As a leader in Bluetooth Low Energy technology we deliver software and services that are leading-edge, open, commercially-proven, and qualified. Packetcraft is located in San Diego, CA.

Media contact:

Jason Hillyard

press@packetcraft.com, +1 619-800-2853


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