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Packetcraft launches open source Bluetooth Low Energy stack, which is integrated with Arm Mbed OS

October 7, 2019 – Packetcraft, Inc. today announced the launch and open source release of its Bluetooth® Low Energy protocol stack solutions based on Arm® Cordio® software. This product-ready software is integrated into Arm Mbed™OS, the free open-source IoT operating system, offering developers advanced Bluetooth connectivity. The Packetcraft Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stack solutions and Mbed OS are driving the Bluetooth connectivity of several demonstrations at Arm TechCon 2019 this week at the San Jose Convention Center.

Packetcraft’s Bluetooth Low Energy software solution consists of the following protocol stacks:

  • Multi-protocol controller with Bluetooth 5.1 qualified link layer and IEEE 802.15.4 MAC.

  • Bluetooth 5.1 qualified host stack and GATT profiles for BLE.

  • Bluetooth 1.0 qualified mesh profile and models.

In addition to Packetcraft’s open source software, which is available now via www.packetcraft.com, Packetcraft is offering commercial services to enterprise customers. Packetcraft’s Technical Support and Maintenance service provides companies with the support they need to bring products to market based on Packetcraft’s software. In addition, Packetcraft’s Early Access service provides companies with software implementing the latest leading-edge Bluetooth features via access to private subscriber-only repositories.

“Packetcraft is excited to offer open source Bluetooth protocol stacks that are qualification tested and up to date with the latest specifications,” said John Yi, founder and CEO of Packetcraft. “We are offering BLE software solutions with a combination of quality, features, and licensing flexibility that is unmatched in the industry.”

“Connectivity is at the heart of any IoT deployment, and device manufacturers require IoT operating systems that provide the flexibility to support multiple standards,” said Chris Porthouse, vice president of product and operations, IoT Services Group, Arm. “Packetcraft BLE software integration with Mbed OS provides our developer ecosystem with open source, advanced Bluetooth connectivity support, which can be used to simplify deployment of IoT products across a broad range of IoT use cases.” You can see the Packetcraft Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stack in action at Arm TechCon at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California, October 8th to 10th. For a list of demonstrations contact Packetcraft or visit www.packetcraft.com.

List of Demonstrations:

  • IoT cloud connectivity demonstration with Arm Pelion, Accenture Logistics, BLE sensor from Embedded Planet.

  • Connected door lock demonstration with a Movtek BLE gateway running Mbed OS connecting to a BLE door lock.

  • Arduino NANO 33 BLE board running Mbed OS on the Nordic nRF52840 SoC.

About Packetcraft

Founded in April 2019, Packetcraft’s mission is to create faster, better, and easier embedded stacks for all. As a leader in Bluetooth Low Energy technology we deliver software and services that are leading-edge, open, commercially-proven, and qualified. Packetcraft is located in San Diego, CA.

Media contact:

Jason Hillyard press@packetcraft.com, +1 619-800-2853


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