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Packetcraft's Bluetooth LE Audio Solution Supports the Nordic Semiconductor nRF5340 Wireless SoC

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – Packetcraft, Inc. today announces its comprehensive protocol stack solution for Bluetooth LE Audio is supported on the Nordic Semiconductor nRF5340 wireless System-on-Chip (SoC). This combination of Packetcraft's world-leading LE Audio software with Nordic's most advanced wireless SoC is ready to meet the needs of ultra-low power audio applications, such as wireless stereo earbuds and hearing aids. Packetcraft's software release for the nRF5340 is available now under commercial license to enterprise customers.

LE Audio is the next generation of lower power, higher quality Bluetooth audio that operates on the Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) radio. LE Audio introduces new capabilities like broadcast audio, multi-stream synchronized audio, and a new high-quality audio codec called LC3. A demonstration of broadcast audio with Packetcraft's software running an LC3 codec on the nRF5340 can be viewed here.

Packetcraft's Bluetooth LE Audio solution consists of the following software components: Packetcraft Controller, our Bluetooth 5.2 qualified link layer, and Packetcraft Host, our Bluetooth 5.2 qualified host stack and profiles. Packetcraft Controller supports the full Bluetooth 5.2 link layer feature set, including isochronous channels and LE power control, in addition to Bluetooth 5.0/5.1 features like 2Mbps, long range, extended advertising, and AoA/AoD direction finding. Packetcraft Host supports the full Bluetooth 5.2 LE host stack feature set, with support for EATT, plus profile software supporting the new Bluetooth specifications defining LE Audio.

"The high performance nRF5340 allows Packetcraft's software to be used to its fullest potential," says John Yi, CEO of Packetcraft. "Hardware features like dual Arm Cortex-M33 cores and the low-jitter audio PLL enable our software to meet the challenging requirements of products like synchronized wireless stereo earbuds."

"Nordic Semiconductor is excited to see Packetcraft's complete LE Audio protocol software solution running on nRF5340, with advanced features like isochronous channels," says Pär Håkansson, Product Manager, Short Range IoT at Nordic Semiconductor. "With nRF5340 now in commercial production, Packetcraft's software with Nordic's SoC provides the market with a commercial solution ready for the demands of innovative new LE Audio products and use cases."

Packetcraft's LE Audio solution for nRF5340 is available now and is already being used by multiple licensees to develop advanced Bluetooth LE Audio products. Contact Packetcraft for information about our LE Audio evaluation software for the Nordic nRF5340 DK development board.

About Packetcraft

Packetcraft's mission is to create faster, better, and easier embedded stacks for all. As a leader in Bluetooth Low Energy technology we deliver software and services that are leading-edge, open, commercially-proven, and qualified.

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