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News•May 1, 2024

EIN News — Packetcraft Delivers Bluetooth Software Enabling Channel Sounding to Early Access Licensees

News•Apr 2, 2024

EIN News — Ezurio and Packetcraft Introduce Talking Sensor Rapid Prototyping Kit with Bluetooth Auracast Broadcast Audio Capability

News•Jan 30, 2024

EIN News — Packetcraft’s Commercially Shipping Bluetooth Software is Enabling Auracast-Capable

Products from Ampetronic and Listen Technologies, Including First-to-Market Auracast Broadcaster

News•Jan 8, 2024

EIN Presswire — Packetcraft and Synopsys Collaborate to Deliver Turnkey Bluetooth Qualified 5.4 PAwR and LE Audio Solutions

News•Jan 8, 2024

EIN News — Packetcraft Introduces Wireless Multi-Mic Demo Kit based on Bluetooth LE Audio to Accelerate New Category of Peripherals

News•Oct 4, 2023

EIN News — Packetcraft Commercially Shipping Bluetooth 5.4 Qualified Software to Licensees

News•Mar 13, 2023

Packetcraft — EM Microelectronic Licenses Packetcraft Host & Controller for Bluetooth 5.4 PAwR, LE Audio, Auracast

News•Feb 8, 2023

Packetcraft — Packetcraft Demonstrates Bluetooth 5.4 Featuring PAwR, a New Ultra-low Power Networking Technology

News•Jan 3, 2023

Packetcraft — Nordic Semiconductor Selects Packetcraft Controller Software Delivering Advanced Bluetooth LE Audio

News•Jan 3, 2023

PRNewswire — Packetcraft Enables Accelerated Deployment of Bluetooth LE Audio as Market Heats Up

News•Jun 9, 2022

Packetcraft — Packetcraft’s Bluetooth Software Availability Accelerates Market with Auracast™ Broadcast Audio

News•Mar 28, 2022

Packetcraft — Packetcraft announces new advanced Audio Evaluation Kit for Bluetooth LE Audio

News•Nov 23, 2021

PR Newswire — Laird Connectivity and Packetcraft Partner to Deliver Advanced LE Audio Evaluation Kits

News•Oct 4, 2021

Packetcraft — Packetcraft Announces Bluetooth 5.3 Qualification and LC3 Codec for LE Audio

News•Dec 15, 2020

Packetcraft — Packetcraft's Bluetooth LE Audio Solution Supports the Nordic Semiconductor nRF5340

Wireless SoC

News•Sep 17, 2020

Packetcraft — Imagination and Packetcraft announce partnership for low energy audio

News•Mar 10, 2020

Packetcraft — Packetcraft Announces World’s First Qualified Bluetooth Software Stack for LE Audio

News•Jan 7, 2020

Packetcraft — Packetcraft announces support for next generation Bluetooth audio

News•Oct 7, 2019

Packetcraft — Packetcraft launches open source Bluetooth Low Energy stack, which is integrated with Arm Mbed OS

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