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Talking Sensor Rapid Prototyping Kit (EK-B11-SEN-BT510)


Limitations: The Talking Sensor Rapid Prototyping Kit hardware and firmware are for evaluation purposes only and not for commercial use. 


Terms & Conditions: https://www.packetcraft.com/hardware-terms-conditions-of-sale

Talking Sensor Rapid Prototyping Kit (EK-B11-SEN-BT510)

  • Benefits:

    • Auracast device compatibility​
    • Compatibility 3rd party Bluetooth LE Audio receivers (e.g. hearing aids, earbuds, phones, computers)​

    • Direct-to-ear topology​
      (no internet/webapp or gateway required)​


    • Pre-encoded LC3 speech​

    • Configurable audio quality (with SDK)​

    • Python interpreter for rapid sensor and audio prototyping with Laird™ Connectivity Canvas™ Software Suite​

    • Sensors​

    • magnetic reed switch sensor​

    • temperature sensor​

    • accelerometer


    Includes: Kit Hardware (EK-B11-SEN):​

    • 1x Ezurio BL5340 (nRF5340)
    • 1x Packetcraft Audio Interface Board (AIB) for BL5340
    • 2x Ezurio BT510 (nRF52840) Multi-Sensor device
    • 1x Ezurio USB-SWD Programming board
    • 1x Ground Loop Isolator
    • 1x audio cable TRS 1/8” (3.5mm)
    • 1x USB Cables for Power
    • Pre-loaded Eval Kit Binary Firmware
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