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Packetcraft Wireless Microphone Demo Kit with Nordic Thingy:53 evaluation boards.


Limitations: The Wireless Microphone Demo Kit hardware and firmware are for evaluation purposes only and not for commercial use. LC3 codec inserts an audio artifact both on encode and decode.


Terms & Conditions: https://www.packetcraft.com/hardware-terms-conditions-of-sale

Wireless Microphone Demo Kit for Nordic nRF53

庫存單位: EK-B10-MIC
Expected to ship end of March 2024
  • Packetcraft wireless audio evaluation kit with Nordic nRF5340-DK evaluation boards.



    • Bluetooth™ LE Audio device compatibility

    • Live performance

    • Compatibility 3rd party Bluetooth™ LE Audio receivers (e.g. mobile phones, cameras, computers)



    • Multiple transmitters: 2 microphones (up to 8 paired)
    • Audio stream link robustness
    • Mobile application (future release)
      • Telemetry and configuration
      • Device management
      • Firmware OTA upgrade



    • 2x Nordic Thingy:53
    • 1x Nordic nRF5340-DK
    • 1x Packetcraft Audio Interface Board (AIB) for Nordic v2
    • 1x Audio Cables TRS 1/8" (3.5mm)
    • 1x Micro USB cable for power
    • 2x USB-C cables for charging
    • Pre-loaded microphone binary firmware
    • Pre-loaded receiver binary firmware
    • Quick Start Guide (QSG)
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