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Packetcraft LC3

Optimized, high performance Bluetooth LC3 solution designed for low power embedded Bluetooth LE Audio products, with optional LC3plus support.

Bluetooth LE Audio introduces a new codec, called LC3, that dramatically improves audio quality, reduces power, and improves latency compared to Bluetooth Classic Audio. 

Packetcraft LC3 is highly optimized for the Arm® Cortex®-M4, Cortex-M33, and Cortex-M55 processors.  It is capable of supporting demanding audio use cases running multiple codec instances on a single processor, without requiring a dedicated DSP.  When combined with Packetcraft Host and Packetcraft Controller, licensees get a comprehensive, fully-integrated and commercial-ready Bluetooth LE Audio software solution from a single vendor. 


  • Industry-leading MIPS performance 

  • Full Bluetooth LC3 1.0 feature set 

  • Bluetooth LC3 1.0 qualified 

  • Advanced LC3plus features for ultra-low latency

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