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Packetcraft works closely with semiconductor companies offering a complete production-ready “baseband to application” protocol stack solution incorporating the latest features and capabilities in Bluetooth specifications. This includes Bluetooth 5.4 PAwR for applications such as electronic shelf labels, EV battery monitoring, and other uses requiring low-power group communication.

Packetcraft Controller implements a Bluetooth Qualified 5.3 link layer with optional 802.15.4 MAC, and is architected for portability to different radios, allowing it to be used with new or existing chip designs.


Packetcraft Host implements a Bluetooth Qualfied LE host protocol stack, GATT profiles, and new LE Audio profiles.


Packetcraft Host also includes a suite of easy-to-use sample applications designed with real products in mind, making it easy for chip makers to create a Bluetooth SDK that accelerates product development.

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