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Wireless Audio Evolution

LE Audio

LE Audio improves the quality and performance of Bluetooth audio, and also introduces completely new topologies and use cases to enable the next generation of “hearables”-- earbuds, hearing aids, and other audio IoT devices.

At Packetcraft, we designed, developed and integrated LE Audio features into our software since before the company's official launch with Arm Holdings in 2018.


Today, we are already demonstrating new advanced features like high quality low-latency Auracast broadcast audio and standardized streaming “true wireless stereo” audio, with left-right synchronization down to microseconds.

Further, we are actively supporting product companies in preparing their LE Audio-enabled products for market. This includes 2 of the top 5 hearing aid companies.


Available on popular chips like the Nordic Semiconductor nRF5340, Packetcraft’s LE Audio software is being used by chipset and product customers to develop demos, proof-of-concepts, and commercial products.

The Making of LE Audio

The Making of LE Audio

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