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In the fast-evolving world of automotive technology, Bluetooth connectivity has become a crucial component of the driving experience. Packetcraft is at the forefront of revolutionizing automotive connectivity, empowering vehicles with seamless, secure, and efficient Bluetooth solutions.

Our Bluetooth technology opens a world of possibilities in the automotive industry. Whether it's hands-free calling, in-car entertainment, sensor-modality, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, Packetcraft's robust and reliable solutions are designed to enhance the driving experience while prioritizing safety.

Bluetooth Audio – the original set of automotive use cases

One of the initial use cases of Bluetooth was enabling hands-free use of mobile phones while driving. Additional Bluetooth-enabled use cases emerged including sharing of music from mobile phone over-the-top music streaming services to the vehicle’s stereo system. These valuable use cases helped to firmly establish Bluetooth as a technical requirement in Display Audio / Infotainment systems. Over the last two decades this resulted in ubiquitous adoption of Bluetooth audio technology in mobile devices and automobiles.

Bluetooth LE – from the TCU to Sensors

With the advent of Bluetooth LE, an expanding set of automotive use cases have emerged, notably using Bluetooth for Phone-as-a-Key (PaaK) for secure access and to start the engine as well as supporting the promise of standardizing the 2005 rule that required Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) for improved safety and MPG. These use cases supported automakers embedding a Bluetooth LE radio in the vehicle’s Telematics Control Unit (TCU). Connected vehicles are emboldened by the TCU as this is where 4G and 5G cellular WWAN, GNSS positioning, WiFi, and Bluetooth LE reside for a host of applications.

Car Dashboard
Automotive Peripherals Enabled by Bluetooth LE to Take-Off

With connected vehicles adopting two Bluetooth solutions as standard equipment is most new vehicles, one in the infotainment system and the other in the TCU, the necessary anchors integrated with the CAN bus now exist, enabling up to several dozen peripheral devices and sensors. New Bluetooth technology that comes from the 3rd wave of innovation delivers even greater utility of automotive applications.


The evolution of digital key continues to unfold as we improve secure access with greater intruder protections, building on Direction Finding (Angle of Arrival and Angle of Departure) as defined in Bluetooth 5.1, to a more robust and accurate solution enabled by the emerging Channel Sounding technology.


TPMS, which is seeing an uptick in Bluetooth LE adoption, could potentially leverage the capabilities of Channel Sounding to help identify tire positioning from front/rear and left/right. The TPMS system may instead look at measured distance and angle of arrival to determine relative location to each other or to a fixed point. With or without a spare tire, this represents 4-5 additional BLE chips.


Bluetooth 5.4 introduced PAwR as a new ultra-low power networking capability which can support Electric Vehicle Battery Management Systems (BMS). The EV battery system includes a battery pack which consists of tens of modules each containing hundreds of battery cells, and the battery management system carefully monitors and manages performance, battery health, and vehicle safety. These continuously monitored sensors look at battery voltages, currents, temperature and produce alerts as necessary. The BMS also ensures battery cells are not overcharged or discharged unevenly, and ensures the cells are all being used in a balanced and proportionate fashion. With tens of modules per EV, we can typically expect between 10-20 BLE radios supporting wireless BMS, offering robust continuous communications without the added weight and design considerations of wiring.


Packetcraft Offers Bluetooth Software Solutions for Automotive Applications

Packetcraft is enabling automotive peripherals with innovative Bluetooth LE wireless connectivity features based on our mature host and controller software. Be they the set of applications identified above, or a novel use case you are envisioning, we welcome a discussion to better learn your interest and explain how our efficiently implemented software products, as well as access to source code, may be the right approach to help you bring differentiated products and sensors to market.


Discover how Packetcraft's Bluetooth solutions suitable for automotive peripherals are driving the future of connected cars.


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