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Bluetooth Qualified stacks with full feature sets for host, controller, and LC3 codec.


World-leading Bluetooth host solution designed specifically for resource constrained and power sensitive embedded systems.

Built on a legacy of first-to-market qualifications and more than 100M product shipments, Packetcraft Host is a world-leading Bluetooth host stack solution designed specifically for power sensitive embedded systems.

Consisting of the LE host protocol stack, GATT profiles, and new LE Audio profiles, Packetcraft Host is a production-ready solution for semiconductor and product companies.

  • Full BLE 5.3 feature set including EATT

  • Bluetooth 5.3 qualified

  • Profiles and sample applications for LE Audio

  • APIs for direction finding

  • Suite of popular standard profiles with easy-to-use sample applications



Packetcraft Controller sets a high bar for features, robustness, and efficiency.

With the world's first link layer with qualified Bluetooth 5.3 isochronous channels, Packetcraft Controller sets  the bar for features, robustness, and efficiency. Packetcraft Controller implements a Bluetooth 5.3 link layer with optional 802.15.4 MAC, using a common radio event scheduler for simultaneous combo operation. Packetcraft Controller is ideal for Bluetooth chip companies looking to develop unique products with full access to source code.

  • Full BLE 5.3 feature set including isochronous BIS and CIS, ISOAL, and LE power control

  • Simultaneous BLE and 802.15.4 operation

  • Full BLE 5.1 feature set including 2Mbps, long range, extended advertising and scanning, AoA and AoD

  • Bluetooth 5.3 qualified 

  • Architected for portability to different radios

An evaluation version of Packetcraft Controller is available for download.

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