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Bluetooth LE Audio
+  Auracast Broadcast Audio

Packetcraft is one the world's top leading-edge Bluetooth LE Audio software providers. This new technology is opening up the audio arena to new innovation and listening capabilities. Next gen hear tech now faces product develop with less  complexity without necessitating proprietary products. LE Audio offers better synchronization, lower latency, improved power consumption and can enable new capabilities as as Auracast broadcast audio and even assistive listening use cases in public venues. 

The evolution of wireless audio started with Bluetooth Core Specification version 5.2. LE stands for Low Energy, which is a more power-efficient radio of the Bluetooth wireless communication technology. The arrival of LE Audio has transformed the Bluetooth audio ecosystem and opened up revolutionary access to accessibility and product trajectory.  For more history of Bluetooth's spec evolution, go here.


To Break it Down

Improved Audio Quality: Bluetooth LE Audio introduces a new audio codec called the Low Complexity Communications Codec (LC3). This codec provides high-quality audio streaming while consuming less power compared to previous codecs like SBC (Subband Coding) or AAC (Advanced Audio Coding). Harmonizing around this innovative codec restores interoperability as proprietary codecs had emerged over the years.

Hearing Aid Support: Bluetooth LE Audio includes enhancements specifically designed for hearing aids. It introduces a new hearing aid profile, called Bluetooth Hearing Aid Profile (Hearing Aid Audio Support), which provides a standardized way for hearing aids to connect to Bluetooth devices, offering improved audio quality and low latency.

Lower Power Consumption: Bluetooth LE Audio is designed to be power-efficient and enables longer battery life for wireless audio devices.

Auracast: Bluetooth LE Audio introduced a new network topology that allows multiple audio streams to transmit simultaneously (i.e.  like sharing audio between multiple wireless earbuds while at the gym or in a theater or headphones from a single audio source like when on a tour or at a conference). This revolutionary technology’s capabilities are endless and are already changing the trajectory of hearing access and listening experiences globally. The Bluetooth SIG has been promoting the benefits and use cases in the "Auracast Experience" showing how public and private wireless sharing unmutes your world.

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Listen Technologies CTO

At Listen Technologies we’re leading the evolution of assistive listening. Leveraging Packetcraft’s proven LE Audio software has empowered our engineers to quickly and efficiently develop market leading assistive listening solutions that will increase accessibility and improve listening experiences. 


Ampetronic Managing Director

It is exciting to be pioneering LE Audio for large public spaces with our new products, coming to market just as the very first hearing aids have appeared from GN Resound and the first earbuds from Samsung. It is also a major challenge to be early to market when the whole ecosystem is completely new and evolving – our partnership with Packetcraft has really helped us to navigate that with confidence and speed.

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LE Audio enabled products are becoming available and by utilizing Packetcraft's Bluetooth Qualified LE Audio solutions, we were able to debut the industry's first LE Audio wireless microphone at CES this year (2023).

Where Packetcraft comes in...

Packetcraft offers comprehensive fully-integrated and commercial-ready Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast broadcast audio software solutions. We are committed to innovating alongside customers and delivering better audio quality, enhanced capabilities for wireless earbuds and headphones, increased hearing accessibility, and expanding the range of possibilities for wireless audio while opening up new opportunities for various applications and devices.


Bluetooth LE Audio introduces a new codec, called LC3, that dramatically improves audio quality, reduces power, and improves latency compared to Bluetooth Classic Audio. In addition to Bluetooth LE Audio Host and Controller, Packetcraft offers a highly-optimized LC3 / LC3Plus codec solution.

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