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CES 2023 Highlights + Demo Features

Our time at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada did not disappoint! Packetcraft returned from the world's largest consumer tech show excited to see our software on display in several customer's booths. We reunited with friends and colleagues from around the globe, hailed and hurrah-ed customer successes, made new connections and got a good scope of what is on the 2023 horizon for wireless technology.

Here is a highlight reel of our time at CES 2023 and a couple glances at demos in Sonical's suite and Nordic's booth as well as a general pan of the overwhelming amount of ingenuity under one roof. How refreshing to shake hands, engage face to face, ask questions, challenge status quo and look forward alongside some of the industry's brightest minds and the some of the world's most brazen movers and shakers.

"We were honored to be featured in several customer booths and suite including Nordic® Semiconductor’s nRF Connect SDK with the nRF5340 utilizing Packetcraft’s Controller link layer enabling Bluetooth LE Audio, Sonical’s Bluetooth LE Audio Headphone 3.0 ‘apps for your ears’ and the premier debut of EMS Integrators (EMSi)’s Bluetooth LE Audio form-factor wireless microphone solution, leveraging Packetcraft’s LE Audio software and running on an embedded Fanstel module utilizing Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF5340 BLE SoC."

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