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Channel Sounding Implementation Under Test (IUT) Turning Heads at Auto China

At Auto China in recent weeks, Ellisys demonstrated their EBQ / Analyzer / Implementation Under Test (IUT)test setup using a standard HCI interface to the Packetcraft Channel Sounding link layer.  

Ellisys EBQ analyzer / IUT diagram
Ellisys EBQ was used with a Packetcraft IUT. The Packetcraft IUT implements Bluetooth SIG draft Channel Sounding Link Layer features. The Ellisys EBQ implements draft qualification tests.

260 CS Qualification Tests Already Implemented

As part of the ICCCE presenting group, Ellisys provided a sampling of qualification testing for channel sounding. Ellisys shared that more than 260 CS Qualification tests have already been implemented and verified at multiple test events around the globe—an indicator that this burgeoning technology is catching wind—particularly in China, the world’s largest automotive market.  

More Channel Sounding Resources

Packetcraft has been honored to be part the implementation, testing and championing of Channel Sounding as it moves towards impending release.

For more information regarding the technical breakdown of Channel Sounding as a new specification check out this blog series from our experts at Packetcraft as well as our Channel Sounding technology overview.


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