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High Precision TWS Synchronization with Bluetooth LE Audio

In this video I will highlight the high precision TWS synchronization capability of Packetcraft's Bluetooth LE Audio software stack.

This demonstration consists of Nordic nRF5340 development boards and runs Packetcraft's 5.2 Link Layer with Packetcraft's TWS Audio Subsystem.

Two audio sink devices are used to receive the left and right audio frames. Each audio sink device independently decodes and renders the audio samples with a precision of less than 3 microseconds between left and right devices.

Using digital start of frame markers, we can observe the precision. The right device, depicted in green, remains within 3 microseconds from the left, depicted in yellow. This 3 microsecond precision is maintained over time.

Packetcraft's TWS Audio Subsystem on both the source and sink devices uses the nRF5340's Audio PLL to dynamically synchronize all the audio clocks in this system.

The high-performance synchronization capability of independent receiving devices allow for advanced audio applications such TWS earbuds and 3D sound.

Contact us for more information about Packetcraft's Bluetooth LE Audio software stacks and TWS Audio Subsystem.


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