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Packetcraft Announces Bluetooth 5.3 Qualification and LC3 Codec for LE Audio

SAN DIEGO, September 28, 2021 – World-leading wireless software licensor Packetcraft, Inc. today announces its Packetcraft Controller software has achieved Bluetooth 5.3 qualification, including the world’s first qualification of new Bluetooth 5.3 link layer technical features. Packetcraft also today announces the availability of Packetcraft LC3, a highly optimized and efficient LC3 codec for Bluetooth LE Audio.

Bluetooth® Core Specification version 5.3 is the most recent core protocol specification released by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). Packetcraft Controller implements multiple new Bluetooth 5.3 link layer enhancements, including Connection Subrating, an important power savings feature that also enhances the user experience of products like wireless earbuds and remote controls.

LE Audio is the next generation of lower power, higher quality Bluetooth audio. It supports the same audio use cases as Classic Audio, plus advanced products like Bluetooth LE hearing aids, and new use cases like Audio Sharing via broadcast. LE Audio introduces a new codec, called LC3, that dramatically improves audio quality, reduces power, and improves latency compared to Classic Audio.

Packetcraft’s new audio codec offering, Packetcraft LC3, has already achieved Bluetooth qualification and has already been commercially licensed to a tier 1 consumer electronics maker. Packetcraft LC3 is highly optimized for the Arm® Cortex®-M4 and Cortex-M33 processors. It is capable of supporting demanding audio use cases running multiple codec instances on a single processor, without requiring a dedicated DSP.

“With today’s announcement of Packetcraft LC3 and Packetcraft Controller for Bluetooth 5.3, Packetcraft differentiates itself as a single-source Bluetooth software supplier, enabling companies to make compatible and interoperable LE Audio products such as hearing aids, wireless microphones, and broadcast headsets,” says John Yi, CEO of Packetcraft. “Our licensees have already begun developing this next generation of Bluetooth audio products.” Packetcraft’s comprehensive software solution for LE Audio, available today, consists of:

  • Packetcraft Controller, our Bluetooth 5.3 link layer with isochronous channels.

  • Packetcraft Host, our Bluetooth 5.3 host stack with profiles for LE Audio.

  • Packetcraft LC3, our LC3 codec for LE Audio.

About Packetcraft At Packetcraft we are applying our decades of Bluetooth and embedded protocol expertise to enable our customers with world-leading wireless software. As a leader in short-range wireless technologies, we deliver software and services that are leading-edge, commercially-proven, and qualified. www.packetcraft.com/about

Media contact:

Jason Hillyard press@packetcraft.com, +1 619-800-2853


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