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Packetcraft Enables First-to-Market Auracast Broadcaster from Ampetronic and Listen Technologies

Ampetronic and Listen Technologies have rolled out the first Auracast audio broadcaster. This morning it was announced that the device is the market's first complete installed Auracast™ broadcast audio technology system enabled by Packetcraft's Bluetooth Auracast software. The new solution includes networked installation transmitters for multi-channel broadcast for any size or space, with the option for open or secure transmission. The device is a highly-anticipated real-world demonstration of just how relevant and diverse Auracast's use in public spaces actually is.

At CES 2024 the Bluetooth SIG offered an immersive Auracast Experience that showcased how one can “unmute your world” with Auracast. Ampetronic / Listen Technologies' Auracast audio broadcaster debuted -- providing a hands-on "auditorium enabled by Auracast" experience.

Packetcraft has been honored to enabled Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast™ broadcast audio in some of the assisted hearing market’s most innovative solutions, including assistive listening, TV streaming and now the first Auracast broadcaster to finally hit the market.

Photo courtesy Laura Moore Photo courtesy of Bluetooth SIG

Packetcraft's work with Ampetronic and Listen Technologies has been an exciting one. Knowing that we are part of the roadmap that opens doors to the next generation of assisted listening and accessibility is an exciting team to be on.

Packetcraft software engineers have been very engaged behind the scenes working with both product and semiconductor companies, helping bring Bluetooth LE Audio to market. It has been our privilege to work closely with market leaders including Ampetronic, Listen Technologies and others to ensure the future of wireless audio is compelling and inclusive. - John Yi, Packetcraft CEO

Packetcraft first announced Bluetooth 5.3 Qualification with support for isochronous channels, which enable multi-stream audio and Auracast broadcast audio, back in October 2021. Today, Packetcraft’s comprehensive and fully-integrated Bluetooth LE Audio solution includes Packetcraft Host, Packetcraft Controller, and Packetcraft LC3 and is both successfully licensed to multiple chip and product companies and is shipping along with Packetcraft BLE software test tools. This first-to-market Auracast broadcaster is an exciting demonstration of Packetcraft's early-access, leading-edge viability.

At Listen Technologies we’re leading the evolution of assistive listening. Leveraging Packetcraft’s proven LE Audio software has empowered our engineers to quickly and efficiently develop market leading assistive listening solutions that will increase accessibility and improve listening experiences. - Tracy Bathurst, Listen Technologies Chief Technology Officer

Photo courtesy of Bluetooth SIG

Ampetronic and Listen Technologies announced the Auracast™ broadcaster in December 2023. As it continues to gain attention as an Auracast broadcaster not just for hearing assisted-devices but for any hearing tech that is enabled with Bluetooth 5.3 / Auracast, the demand for this kind of location-enablement is now a real, viable vision for the future--a tangible demonstration of what lies on the horizon of hearing.

“It is exciting to be pioneering LE Audio for large public spaces with our new products, coming to market just as the very first hearing aids have appeared from GN Resound and the first earbuds from Samsung. It is also a major challenge to be early to market when the whole ecosystem is completely new and evolving – our partnership with Packetcraft has really helped us to navigate that with confidence and speed. - Julian Pieters, Ampetronic Managing Director

This is only the beginning of Auracast adoption and implementation of the network topology into public spaces globally. The vision for hearing access for ALL is grand but so is the capability of Bluetooth's LE Audio Auracast technology. Bluetooth is giving a compelling bouquet of innovation as 2024 opens up with an exciting bang. The doors have sprung open and the race is real.

For more information on Auracast topology as well as the process of public location enablement, go here.

For more information regarding Packetcraft's role in Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast innovation and enablement, go here.

Photo courtesy of Bluetooth SIG

Ampetronic and Listen Technologies at ISE 2024

Listen Technologies will be exhibiting the latest in Auracast-enabled Assistive Listening products during ISE 2024 in Spain this week, and the Bluetooth SIG will showcase The Auracast™ Experience alongside Listen Technologies in booth 3Q220 at Fira Barcelona.


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