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Packetcraft Introduces Wireless Multi-Mic Demo Kit based on Bluetooth LE Audio to Accelerate New Category of Peripherals

Combination of Packetcraft’s new Link Robustness Package and Capabilities of LE Audio Enable Standards-Based Ultra-Low Latency Wireless Microphones

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, January 8, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ -- At CES 2024, Packetcraft®, a global leader with production-ready “baseband to application” embedded Bluetooth® LE stacks and software, announced their Wireless Multi-Microphone Demo Kit based on Bluetooth LE Audio technology that incorporates their newly available Link Robustness Package. Packetcraft’s software solution supports a new market for standards-based wireless microphone accessories for mobile devices and computers, in addition to supporting specialized commercial audio applications, voice announcement systems, and conference room wireless microphones.

Bluetooth LE Audio offers advances in wireless audio including high audio quality and low latency operation while Packetcraft’s Link Robustness Package helps maintain link quality and coexistence with neighboring networks. This Package was developed to improve the quality and streaming performance of LE Audio applications and includes interference Detection and Avoidance (DAA), dynamic closed loop power control of the transmit PA and receiver LNA, and supports receive-side antenna diversity. Products can use DAA to help comply with European radio regulations while transmitting at higher power. The ability for product companies to harness the competitive Bluetooth ecosystem enables product interoperability and helps achieve lower costs.

The Demo Kit includes two Nordic Semiconductor Thingy:53™ IoT prototyping platforms with built-in microphones, a Nordic nRF5340-DK with Packetcraft Audio Interface Board, and runs Packetcraft’s fully compliant and commercially shipping BLE solution with Bluetooth Qualified Host, Controller, LC3 codec, and the wireless multi-microphone sample application. Packetcraft’s Demo Kit allows for the evaluation of range, performance, and robustness of two simultaneous audio links with latency as low as tens of milliseconds. This platform also supports microsecond-level synchronization between two microphones, which is useful for ambisonic and spatial audio recording.

“We introduced the Wireless Multi-Microphone Demo Kit based on LE Audio because the market for standards-based wireless microphones represents a new major product segment in both consumer and commercial audio markets, especially as accessories for mobile phones,” said John Yi, CEO at Packetcraft. “Packetcraft is proud that multiple product companies are commercially shipping wireless audio products using our Bluetooth Qualified LE Audio and Auracast™-capable broadcast audio software including Host, Controller, LC3 codec, and Link Robustness Package.”

Packetcraft plans to offer the Wireless Multi-Microphone Demo Kit based on LE Audio in March 2024 and the company is taking pre-orders now on its website.

Multiple customers and partners are demonstrating LE Audio and Auracast products using Packetcraft's comprehensive Bluetooth software solution during CES 2024, including in the Auracast™ Experience hosted by the Bluetooth SIG. Packetcraft executives are attending the show and you may schedule a meeting with Packetcraft here.


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