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Auracast™ Market Research, Tech Specs, White Papers + FAQs

As Bluetooth® technology has introduced Auracast™ broadcast audio, a new capability that enables an audio transmitter to broadcast to an unlimited number of nearby audio receivers. Auracast™ broadcast audio promises to deliver life-changing audio experiences, enhancing the way people engage with others and the world around them.

In the scope of Auracast adoption in this 3rd wave of Bluetooth innovation, Packetcraft is eager to educated and offering clarifying use cases, tech specs and solution descriptions to better propel the messaging and opportunities possible with Bluetooth LE Audio. Please note that most of the content below is from www.bluetooth.com extensive resource bank and were given permission to repost and share here.

Auracast Market Introduction

What is Auracast?

Auracast Technical Overview

Watch as Nick Hunn provides a technical overview of the new broadcast feature and explains how it enables Auracast™ broadcast audio.

Auracast Webinar - Products + Public Spaces

A few months ago, Chuck Sabin, Senior Director of Market Development at the Bluetooth SIG will:

  • Discuss the three primary use cases Auracast™ broadcast audio will enable and the benefits it will bring to locations deploying the new capability and the people who visit those locations

  • Outline what audio developers need to know in order to integrate Auracast™ broadcast audio into their wireless audio devices and systems

  • Introduce resources and recommendations for public locations deploying Auracast™ broadcast audio, along with opportunities to brand your location

  • Explain how Auracast™ broadcast audio can become the next generation of assistive listening systems, helping drive broader adoption of hearing assistance at public locations

  • Present new forecasts for Auracast™ device shipments as well as analyst predictions for the number of deployments, the types of locations that will adopt early, and the use cases they will implement

  • Offer realistic timelines for the adoption of Auracast™ broadcast audio

  • Review additional features and benefits of Bluetooth® LE Audio

Auracast Market Viability + Opportunity

Go HERE to download this market report for data and projection for LE Audio in general.

Go HERE to download this report for insight into the number and types of venues that can benefit from deploying Auracast™ broadcast audio along with their strength of fit and likelihood to adopt.

Auracast Demo @ Mobile World Congress 2023

Here is a feature video of Auracast use case demonstartions while at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


While at the show, the majority of audiologists present had never heard of #Auracast and didn't understand that Bluetooth, by nature, is a developing technology held accountable by standardization and a commitment for constant reform. We sent as many show attendees to Bluetooth SIG's Auracast booth to experience Auracast live in a variety of use-case staged scenarios. The response was better than we hoped for. There was a shared excitement for the idea of standardization, products held accountable to technical development and an eagerness for environmental adoption of network listening options.


Packetcraft + Ellisys provide Auracast demos at recent trade show


Go HERE for more Auracast FAQs.

AURACAST Transmitter Guide

Go HERE for Auracast Simple Transmitter Best Practices Guide


Mose of the explainer content above is generously provided by the Bluetooth SIG unless otherwise noted. Resources will be added to this list as Packetcraft continue to observe use case examples and gather market details and application opportunities for this new, robust technology.


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