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Sensors Converge 23 | Packetcraft Showcases New Tech Enabling Networks of Power-Efficient Sensors

Sensor chips are at the heart of countless applications, driving innovation across industries. At Sensors Converge 2023 in Santa Clara, CA, Packetcraft showcased solutions that benefit chip development. This year’s show featured the latest sensing technologies and aimed to identify new ways to improve products and expand sensor capabilities.

Packetcraft went to demo the new Bluetooth v5.4 PAwR feature and our solution that enables networks of power-efficient sensors.

Meanwhile, our partners at Ellisys showcased their advanced protocol test tools and analysis solutions for Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi. (Note: PAwR defines a new Bluetooth LE logical transport used to communicate periodic broadcast control and user data to synchronized devices. This allows bi-directional, highly synchronized and correspondingly ultra-low power communication between a hub and thousands of end nodes.)

3 key ways Packetcraft leverages sensor chips with leading-edge solutions

  1. CHIP ENHANCEMENT: Boost Accuracy, Efficiency, and Connectivity: By integrating Packetcraft's solutions, chips can elevate accuracy, efficiency, and connectivity while also leveraging real-time data collection, analysis, and transmission, and enhance monitoring and control application builds. Packetcraft solutions seamlessly connects sensor chips within the IoT networks, unlocking opportunities for energy harvesting, wireless charging, enhanced security, longer ranger operability and networking interoperability across various industries.

  2. MARKET POSITIONING: At Packetcraft, we understand the importance of speed and differentiation in the market. With our solutions, chips can accelerate development process, reduce time-to-market and gain competitive edge. By leveraging our unique model of outsourced enablement, chips leverage core competencies and become a differentiated competitor in the market. Our robust suite of protocol stacks ensures seamless interoperability and compliance with industry standards, giving chips an advantage over the competition.

  3. OPPORTUNITY TO INNOVATE + COLLABORATE: We believe in the power of collaboration. By partnering with us, chips unlock new opportunities and enhance solutions offerings. Packetcraft's team of experts with expansive wireless connectivity experience help chips develop with the new market in mind and aims for customization services that ensure our solution aligns with chip requirements and provides ongoing support, updates, and maintenance keeping each chip ahead of the curve.

Packetcraft believes in the power of collaboration. By partnering with us, chips unlock new opportunities and enhance solutions offerings. To read more about the opportunities Bluetooth LE offers to evolving tech in a variety of industries, sign up for our newsletter here and take a gander from our recent news covering spec releases and application conversations.


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