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New “Talking Sensor” Rapid Prototyping Kit with Bluetooth Auracast Broadcast Audio Capability

Packetcraft announced today that it has teamed up with Ezurio, a global leader in connectivity to build and launch their new collaboration: the Talking Sensor Rapid Prototyping Kit (EK-B11-SEN-BT510), a tool to help developers and product companies quickly experience and add Bluetooth Auracast™ broadcast audio functionality to medical, commercial, and industrial products.

The types of applications envisioned bring traditional sensor devices into a new era of wireless audio communication capable of broadcasting informational audio notifications pertinent to safety, security, or convenience directly into the ears of professionals, retail employees, plant and factory workers as well as consumers for devices such as smoke detectors. The types of use cases envisioned encompass emergency alerts, critical alarm notifications, cold chain monitoring, and audible factory automation – anywhere you need your sensors to talk to you directly.

Helping enable the rapid prototyping is Ezurio’s Canvas™ Software Suite which leverages on device Python scripting with intuitive desktop / mobile tools. It provides developers a simpler, more powerful MicroPython enabled platform to develop their applications for the MCU-based hardware such as the Sentrius™ BT510 Bluetooth LE Multi Sensor. Demos can come together in a matter of minutes allowing developers to experience the many benefits of Auracast, which include infrastructure-less Direct-to-Ear topology, and standards-based compatibility allowing low power sensors to speak directly into earbuds, wireless speakers and other equipped audio receivers.

Ezurio offers a wide variety of customization options that enable customer-specific applications and IoT solutions, and our multi-year collaboration with Packetcraft is helping developers add Auracast functionality to their devices and sensors. The Talking Sensor Rapid Prototyping Kit will accelerate the adoption of Auracast broadcast audio into a realm of products that likely never utilized Bluetooth technology in the past, and will pave the way for how sensors alert people going forward. Jonathan Kaye, VP Product Management & Marketing at Ezurio

Packetcraft’s Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast broadcast audio software is already shipping in multiple commercial products including the GN ReSound TV-Streamer+, the Ampetronic AURI™ network managed transmitter for multi-channel broadcast in large and small spaces, and the Listen Technologies AURI™ dedicated receiver solution for assistive listening.

LE Audio is a re-invention of Bluetooth Audio bringing with it Auracast, which allows sensors to communicate directly to people, advancing notifications and alerts to a more natural human form of communication. Our ongoing collaboration with Ezurio now brings the EK-B11-SEN-BT510 rapid prototyping kit to aid in the introduction of a new generation of talking sensors. Packetcraft is proud to be amongst the leaders in Bluetooth software, powering some of the most innovative Auracast products on the market. ~ John Yi, CEO of Packetcraft

Where to find us next?

Experience the Talking Sensor Rapid Prototyping Kit during Embedded World Germany from April 9-11, by visiting Hall 4 where Packetcraft is in exhibition stand 4-670 and Ezurio is in exhibition stand 4-475. Stop by to learn more about the kit, latest Bluetooth innovations, ask technical questions with experts, discuss how your applications and products could benefit from Auracast, or even have a go at quickly enabling a demo using the kit. You may also pre-arrange a meeting by scheduling here.


About Ezurio

Ezurio turns design possibility into reality with a comprehensive range of RF modules, system-on-modules, single board computers, internal antennas, IoT devices, and custom solutions. With decades of engineering expertise, Ezurio provides solutions that reduce development costs and time to market. Our global reach and unmatched support are backed by a resilient global supply chain that gives our customers the stability to overcome every design challenge with confidence. Turn design possibility into reality with Ezurio, your connectivity expert.


About Packetcraft, Inc.

Packetcraft offers production-ready “baseband to application” embedded Bluetooth LE stacks and software and have enabled roughly a billion devices. With protocol experts offering well-tested and efficiently designed software that achieves first-to-market qualifications, Packetcraft's semiconductor and product company licensees have a market advantage with both accelerated time-to-market and leading-edge capabilities supporting product innovation and distinction. Packetcraft’s leadership in Bluetooth LE began in 2009 with the founding of Wicentric, continued through Arm’s ownership in 2015, and is maintained today as new technological innovations such as LE Audio and Auracast™ broadcast audio, 5.4 PAwR / ESL, and other emerging technologies including Bluetooth Channel Sounding and UWB come to market. To download software and test tool product briefs here.


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