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Embedded World '24 Recap - Bluetooth Industrial Applications Sparks Further Interest from Embedded Industry

The dust has settled since Packetcraft returned from Embedded World 2024 Germany where we championed the advancement of Bluetooth technology and slew of early-to-market wireless solutions that Packetcraft provides. News regarding Bluetooth's application in the industrial and commercial sector was well received as we shared more regarding the new capabilities of Bluetooth's low energy, stable, secure and standardized connectivity options for chip and product development and where Packetcraft comes in.

Booth Demos + Feature Devices

Our booth was broken into 3 different segments representing the 3 key areas of Bluetooth development: (1) LE Audio and Auracast (2) v5.4 PAwR (3) Channel Sounding. We featured 2 live demos (Talking Sensor and Multi Mic) and showcased a few key Bluetooth device development that we've been part of including Qorvo's Magical Homes Jink 83 Smart Switch, EM Micro's ESL (electronic shelf label) using their flagship microchip EM | bleu (EM9305), and Ampetronic's Auracast Broadcast Audio device.

Ezurio / Packetcraft Talking Sensor Demo

Behind the scenes, Packetcraft and Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) have been working on a Talking Sensor Rapid Prototyping Test Tool Kit to help chips and next gen products with the adoption of Bluetooth Auracast. Multiple attendees stopped to discuss potential applications of the talking sensor technology and better understand the broadcast nature of Auracast in a variety of environments.

Packetcraft CEO Interviewed on WEKA VIP Stage

CEO John Yi was asked to share a more in-depth explanation of how Bluetooth was advancing in industrial and commercial industries particularly in the areas of asset tracking, inventory management and condition monitoring. See Interview Here

32,000+ visitors from 80 countries and 1100+ exhibitors from 50 countries were present. We were pleased by the receptivity and opportunities on the horizon for further wireless innovation utilizing the arsenal of Bluetooth capabilities. We look forward to continuing conversations with a variety of forward-thinking customers and partners and building for a better-connected tomorrow. Look forward to the premier of the Embedded Show North America in Austin in October!

Here is a quick highlight reel from Embedded World Germany


Packetcraft has released both the Multi Mic Demo Kit and Talking Sensor Rapid Prototyping Kit for purchase to assist and accelerate LE Audio product innovation, testing and time to market. Go HERE to schedule a 1:1 meeting for further questions or custom solution development.


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